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Press Corpse

Press Corpse

The second title in a sizzling new mystery series by a savvy Washington-based husband and wife team, written by former White House insider Ron Nessen. Press Corpse brings back the dynamic twosome of right-wing radio host Jerry Knight and Washington Post leftist reporter Jane Day. When a well-known journalist is killed at an event where the President is speaking, Knight and Day can’t help but get involved.

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From Publishers Weekly

The Washington-based husband-and-wife team of Nessen and Neuman bring Jerry Knight and Jane Day back (after Knight and Day) into the often malicious world of politics and scandal. A prime example of the attraction of opposites, Knight is a king of conservative talk radio while Day is a liberal reporter who works the White House beat for the Washington Post. Both are present at a White House press dinner when well-known CNN reporter Dan McLean keels over dead at the head table, not far from President Dale Hammond, a staunch conservative. Exploring, Day unearths information which exposes McLean’s infidelities, as well as his probing of a secret memo from the end of the Vietnam War. For Knight, Day and rumpled D.C. homicide detective, A.L. Jones, the question is who was the intended victim and how is the Vietnamese community involved? Knight and Day are cheerfully outspoken adversaries who outwardly spar while trying to untangle their ambiguous relationship, and Jones is great as the melancholy cop, with his love of architecture and his dejection at failing efforts to curtail street crime. Fast-paced and crisply styled, the icing on the cake is the clever conclusion at the Vietnam Wall. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Booklist

Nessen and Neuman borrow their old milieu in the presidential press corps (as secretary and reporter, respectively) for this second installment of their series. The first, Knight & Day , generated interest from the antagonism between Knight, a reactionary radio commentator, and Day, a left-liberal newspaper reporter. This case commences at a presidential dinner, at which a CNN reporter keels over, poisoned. The First Lady claims hubby was the target of liberals desperate to stop his conservative program, a view Knight airs fully on his show, but Day discovers the deceased had been stalking a story implicating high officials with intentionally leaving behind POWs in Vietnam. That old resentments are indeed involved is underscored by a vet’s murder of the national security adviser, a highly visible crime whose dangling ends will no doubt be tied together in the authors’ third sequel. What’s in the CNN guy’s notebooks? What’s the Magnum Project? Will Knight & Day get together? Stay tune for more light, undemanding entertainment. Gilbert Taylor

Available in: Hardcover, Paperback, and Audible
ISBN: 978-0312855925
Published: May 1, 1996